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Memorial Golf For Life from page 1                                 Martin County Healthy Start from page 1                        	 Samantha and Sarah both praised Martin County’s
                                                                                                                                  Healthy Start Coalition for truly operating like a coalition.
golf foursome will wear the                                          Sarah Gosney, the                                            It takes a dedicated community to make a coalition run,
                                                                   first director of Healthy                                      and they said this community has been an integral part in
infamous blueberry blazers                                         Start, a position she held                                     improving maternal and child health in Martin County.
                                                                   for 13 years, reminisced
while at “The Tav.”                                                about the early years                                                                                   Photos by Beverly Jones
                                                                   of the organization.
	 Matilda’s was the Gold                                           She explained how                                              Stacey Hetherington, board member; Scott Berry, executive
                                                                   each coalition provides                                        director, Community Chest Hobe Sound; and Marianne
Tee Sponsor and White                                              services specifically                                          Paulsen, board member
                                                                   for their area. As a
Tee Sponsors include Team                                          result, she developed                                          Shaun Kelly, Samantha Suffich, executive director of Healthy
                                                                   the Father and Child                                           Start and Holly Demers, legislative assistant to Senator Joe
Parks, William G. Pembroke,                                        Resource Center.                                               Negron
                                                                   	 Lisa Kieffer,
CPA, PA, Carlson Enterprise                                        manager of the Betty Dr. Brian Moriarty and Randy
                                                                   M o o r e P r e n a t a l Pennington, incoming board
of the Treasure Coast, and                                         Outreach Center since member
                                                                   its beginning in 2007,
Signature Metal. Special                                           thanked community partners that have helped to make the
                                                                   outreach center such a success. She spoke about the services
Beverage Sponsors are Bob                                          that have helped more than 1,500 women in Martin County
                                                                   access prenatal care. Their diaper pantry gives out nearly
and Ralf Massey.                Jay Connelly                       10,000 diapers a month and has been an invaluable service
                                                                   for mothers.
	 VIM Clinic is a not-                                             	 Outgoing Board President Dr. Teena White was
                                                                   recognized for her years of service to the organization since
for-profit medical clinic and                                      2010. Jason Berger will succeed White as board president.
                                                                   Ten-year anniversary awards were given to staff members:
community resource which                                           Ellie Duell, Jennifer Furtwangler, Elaine Gable and Lisa
serves as the healthcare                                           	 Every year the executive director and board of directors
                                                                   choose a Healthy Start Hero. The Healthy Start Hero Award
safety net to uninsured Martin                                     was given to Senate President Joe Negron, R-Stuart, for
                                                                   his actions that kept funding in place for the organization
County residents. Active and                                       statewide. Holly Demers, his legislative assistant, accepted
                                                                   the award on his behalf.
retired medical professionals

and volunteers work in concert

with the current medical

resources of Martin County

to provide compassionate and

comprehensive care to eligible

individuals at no charge. A

prospective patient has an Janet Milici

income of $24,280 or less.

Volunteers in Medicine Clinic is located at 417 S.E. Balboa

Ave. in Stuart, Fla. The clinic’s hours of operation are Monday

through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, please

call (772) 463-4128 or visit Volunteers in Medicine Clinic online


Carson Novins putting           Ken Duke

                                                                   Sarah Gosney; Carol Hodnett; Shamus Gordon, executive          Rebekah Chastain, Dr. Jennifer Howell, Dillie Nerios and
                                                                   director, Father and Child Resource Center; and City           Ruby Aguirre
                                                                   Commissioner Eula Clarke

Bob Massey                      Jim Kaat

Mark Hudson, Ken Cloak, Tyler Cloak, Logan Cloak

Kim McMath, Beth Novins, Kait Toebe
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