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VOL. 20 NO. 7                                                                                  JULY 2018

Robert F. Novins Memorial Golf For Life

	 The 17th Annual Robert F. Novins Memorial Golf for               Kathy Kramer, Kim Lamb, Patsy Devine, Liz Griffin, Christa         Jim Westcott, Bruce Bertrand, Chad Gwinn, Dan Clancy
                                                                   Dun, Paula Rimer                                                   Memorial Golf For Life on page 2
Life Tournament and Reception was a success. The brother

and sister team of Carson Novins and Beth Novins started the

tournament in memory of their father, who died of colon cancer.

The amazing committee hosted a fun tournament and this year
raised $116,000 to benefit Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Clinic.
Friday evening festivities consisted of delicious food, auctions,
raffles and dancing to the live band, The Kinected. Ken Duke,
Mike Milizia, Fred Caimotto and Carson himself were auctioned
off to the delight of the audience.

	 More than 200 guests enjoyed the Friday evening reception at

Carsons Tavern and 31 teams played in Saturday’s tournament at

Stuart Yacht & Country Club. Everyone was ready to play once

the torrential downpour stopped on Saturday. Janet Milici won
the Putting Contest and Mike Milizia won the Helicopter Ball
Drop. The overall winning team consisted of Rick Wentworth,
Tony Barone, Mike Barone and Rob Walser. This lucky

Martin County Healthy Start                                                                                                           United Way Funds

Celebrates 25th Anniversary                                                                                                           New Programs,

	 Twenty-five years ago, Martin County’s Healthy Start             Shamus Gordon, executive director, Father and Child                Invests More
Coalition opened its doors. The genesis of a statewide             Resource Center; Randy Pennington, incoming board                  Than $2 Million In
network of community organizations focused on reducing             member; Dr. Teena White, immediate-past board president;           Martin County
Florida’s high infant mortality rate was a passion project         and Samantha Suffich, executive director
                                                                                                                                      United Way of Martin County presented two grants to
of Governor Lawton Chiles and First Lady Rhea Chiles.              Services with significant support from Samantha, who has           Martin County Healthy Start. Martin County Healthy
                                                                   five years’ experience as a doula. The program provides            Start’s Lisa Kieffer, prenatal outreach manager; Samantha
	 Celebrating the 25th anniversary was the focus of this           emotional and physical support for expectant mothers               Suffich, executive director; Aubrey Campbell, manager of
year’s Healthy Start Luncheon held May 18 at Piper’s               during labor who do not have a support person at the time          operations; with United Way of Martin County’s President/
Landing Yacht Club in Palm City. Additionally, it was              of delivery. Eligible Healthy Start moms may be homeless,          CEO Carol G. Houwaart-Diez (holding Otis Campbell)
the first year anniversary of Executive Director Samantha          military spouses, estranged teenage mothers, or victims of         and United Way of Martin County Incoming Board Chair
Suffich.                                                           domestic or sexual violence.                                       Denise Ehrich
	 Suffich recalled her first year with Healthy Start,              	 Additionally, the Prenatal Outreach Center expanded              	 United Way of Martin County took a major step to
which she said, came with its challenges. However, all             to Indiantown. The number of pregnant women entering               make sure children start school ready to learn, graduate
the difficulties were handled as a collaborative effort with       prenatal care in the first trimester has increased to 73 percent   more students, lift families and individuals to financial
community members and a number of achievements were                from 56.9 percent since the outreach center’s inception.           stability and create a healthier community by investing
                                                                   In recent months, 97 percent of pregnant women and 100             $2,204,848 in the community in 2018/19.
realized. Leading the list was the newly minted maternity          percent of newborns were screened for risk factors that            	 As part of this impact, United Way recently
leave policy, which allows for six weeks of paid leave. The        could lead to poor birth outcomes like premature birth,            announced community impact grant awards for 47 local
organization hopes to be a model to other employers in the                                                                            programs and initiatives totaling $983,042 – a 5 percent
                                                                                                        low birth weight, and infant
community.                                                                                              mortality. In Martin County,
	 Dancing with the                                                                                      out of 1,260 babies born,
Martin Stars in September                                                                               more than 1,000 mothers
raised $140,000. Dr. Brian                                                                              and more than 600 babies
Moriarty with Loving                                                                                    received Healthy Start
Chiropractic, the overall

winner, raised $30,000

and has helped to create

a new pilot program for

chiropractic care for
pregnant Healthy Start

	 A doula program is
being piloted through the Dr. Brian Moriarty and Tiffany
doulas at Bell House Birth Parish

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