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                             Zweben Law Talk

Do You Have A Case?                                             	 Trial is expensive. It’s time-consuming. And it’s            On top of that, the minimum is pretty skimpy, when you get
                                                                emotionally draining. Most important, not every case has       right down to it. So the other party may not have enough
By Gene R. Zweben, Esq.                                         the potential to win in court. When we evaluate a case, we     coverage to repair your car or pay your hospital bills. Such
	 It may be hard to                                             generally ask three questions:                                 people rarely have material assets sufficient to justify the
believe, considering how                                        Was the other party at fault?                                  effort it takes to sue them personally, so in a case like
many billboards and TV
commercials we see on the                                       	 The term of art is “clear liability.” We ask about           that, we would look to your own insurer for relief under
subject, but only around 600                                    everything from seatbelts and cellphones, to intoxication,     uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
lawsuits due to automobile                                      speeding, and the status of driver licenses – on both sides.   	 There are other considerations, of course. But these are
accidents are tried in a typical                                Were there physical injuries?                                  the “big three.”
year in the 19th Circuit Court,                                                                                                	 To learn more about what’s involved in a personal injury
which covers four counties,                                     	 The key word here is “causation,” meaning that the           lawsuit, visit our website and look for our free guide, “10
including Martin.                                               injuries are the fault of the other party. There may be        Steps to Justice: Anatomy of a Lawsuit.”
	 But that’s not because                                        existing injuries which were aggravated, and they are          	 Located in historic downtown Stuart, Zweben Law
people here are less litigious, or more forgiving. Nationwide,  considered, but our concern is with injuries caused by
fewer than 5 percent of all personal injury cases of all types  this accident.                                                 Group offers legal services in the areas of personal injury,
go to trial, and the reasons are pretty simple.
                                                                Was the other party insured?                                   wrongful death, and family law. For more information about

                                                                	 Florida Law requires all drivers to have insurance, but      Zweben Law Group, visit or call
                                                                some people still don’t, or carry only the bare minimum.
                                                                                                                               (772) 223-5454.

United Way Funds New Programs from page 3                       	 • Martin County School District Head Start program.          Martin Volunteers, more than 1,200 volunteers devoted nearly
                                                                This program will provide culturally sensitive, low literacy   100,000 reported hours in service to nonprofit and public
	 • A challenge grant for Project LIFT Pre-Apprenticeship       materials that will engage and empower families to make        agencies, providing an estimated dollar value of $2.24 million
Certification Program. The Pre-Apprenticeship Program in                                                                       for their volunteer time.
carpentry that allows teens access to a career pathway with a   healthy decisions.                                             	 To learn more about United Way of Martin County
livable wage;                                                                                                                  and to view a full list of funded programs, visit www.
	 • Helping People Succeed’s Behavioral Services program.       	 United Way’s impact goes beyond financial support. 
This program will provide parenting classes, support and        Each year the organization helps taxpayers in low-income       About United Way Of Martin County
outreach for special child populations, including Autism        households keep more of their hard-earned money by
Spectrum Disorders (ASD), pre- and post-adoptive and foster                                                                    	 United Way of Martin County’s mission is to lift the
children, and children with behavior disorders.                 providing free tax preparation services. This year, trained
	 • Martin County School District Getting Ready for             volunteers prepared 267 tax returns for Martin County          community and change lives together through the collective
Kindergarten program. This is a summer program for children     residents. This free tax preparation program brought $298,585
entering kindergarten with suspected below level literacy       back to residents and into the community through tax refunds   power of advancing the common good. Since 1972, the United
mastery and professional development for VPK teachers at        while saving $70,000 in tax preparation fees.
child care centers.                                             	 United Way’s passionate and hardworking volunteer            Way has been working to create long-term social change
                                                                network also drives meaningful impact in the community.
                                                                Through United Way of Martin County’s volunteer center,        and provide support to Martin County residents by investing

                                                                                                                               in programs that strive to: enhance healthy living, improve
                                                                                                                               education, and support financial stability.

United Way of Martin County presented two grants to             United Way of Martin County          United Way of Martin County staff and board members announced that the
Salvation Army of Martin County. Left to right: United Way      President/CEO Carol G. Houwaart-     organization has invested $2,204,848 in Martin County for 2018/19.
of Martin County President/CEO Carol G. Houwaart-Diez;          Diez and Alzheimer’s Community Care
Salvation Army Public Relations/Volunteer Coordinator Kim       President/CEO Mary M. Barnes
Johnson; Salvation Army Corps Officer Captain Christine
Kim; United Way of Martin County Incoming Board Chair
Denise Ehrich

                                                                As part of United Way of Martin County’s $2,204,848 impact, the organization announced community impact grant awards
                                                                for 47 local programs and initiatives totaling $983,042.

                                                                                                                                                                   Photo Credit: Chaplain L. C. Campbell


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