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VOL. 8 NO. 7                                                                                                   JULY 2018

Leaving a Legacy for the Victims

of the Parkland High School Massacre

By Raphael Poch                                                                              Families of the Parkland massacre and ambucycles donors
	 “My son was a hero, not just on the last day of
his life but throughout his life.” This is how Linda
Schulman spoke of her son, Scott Beigel, just five
and a half weeks after he was murdered protecting
students at the Parkland High School in Florida on
Feb. 14. Linda continued: “He was happy with what
he had and he loved to help others. My son would be
thrilled today to know that an ambucycle, something
that can help people, was donated in his name because
that is what Scott was all about. Helping people.”
	 Linda was one of the speakers at the Palm
Beach Synagogue at a special commemoration
ceremony held in honor of the 17 victims who died
in the Parkland massacre. Scott’s father, Michael Lori and Ilan Alhadeff hold the award
Schulman, also spoke about his son’s actions on that recognizing the ambucycle dedicated in
fateful day. “My son didn’t care about himself, he memory of their daughter, Alyssa, OBM.
cared about his kids and about saving them. That’s
the way he lives, and unfortunately, that’s the way Leaving a Legacy on page 2

Students Lead Tolerance, Social Action

Efforts During Community Service Trip

	 Twenty-four local students volunteered more than 20           totaled 12,441 meals to combat food insecurity in the area.         attached to the disease. The teens volunteered to support the
hours and learned invaluable life lessons about serving others  	 “Taking action to transform the lives of others in need is        quilt project and bring awareness to LGBTQ issues.
during a recent social action trip to Atlanta, led by Jewish    what the Jewish community is all about. I am so proud to            	 The teens also spent time learning about the national Civil
                                                                have the opportunity to work alongside my peers, learn about        Rights Movement and Atlanta’s unique Jewish community.
Federation of Palm Beach County. The students participated      the needs of others, and make a difference in a community           	 The trip was the third annual community service
in several volunteering projects during the initiative called                                                                       opportunity for Project Tikvah (Hebrew for “hope”),
Project Tikvah, which is in partnership with the Federation’s   different than our own,” shared Hope Lerman, a teen from            Federation’s hands-on volunteer travel experience for Palm
Jewish Teen Initiative (JTI) and Jewish Volunteer Center.       Palm Beach Gardens who participated in Project Tikvah.              Beach County teens, aimed at empowering teens to make a
	 During the experience, students packed more than 17,000       	 The teens also visited the iconic AIDS Memorial Quilt,            lasting impact by serving those in need and connecting to the
                                                                where they learned about the history of the quilt and               Jewish value of tikun olam (“repair the world”).
pounds of food at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. This
                                                                                                      the impact it has made to     Students Lead Tolerance on page 5
                                                                                                      bring visibility to HIV/AIDS
                                                                                                      and erase the social stigma

                                                                                             Beth Am Travels to Israel!

Students visit the National Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum.

                                                                                             Beth Am Travels to Israel! on page 5
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