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                        Ribbon Cuttings

FLX Fit                                                  	 FLX Fit is a new personal

                                                         training/spin studio located at 1349

By Marisol Guntkowski                                    S.W. South Macedo, Port St. Lucie.

	 On Thursday, June 21, FLX Fit celebrated their official FLX Fit is a branch of FLX Fitness

grand opening with the presence of members of the St. Lucie & Sports Training Center located in

County Chamber of Commerce and Port St. Lucie community. Calcutta, Ohio, which has been in

                                                         operation since 2006 and also has an

                                                         independent cycling studio located in

                                                         Marvern, Ohio.

                                                         	 FLX Fit features accountability

                                                         software and is result driven using

                                                         body scan technology... keeping

                                                         the focus on achieving strong, fit,

                                                         functional movement instead of weight loss. HIIT training, 	 FLX Fit also features a smoothie/coffee bar offering a

                                                         and limiting sessions to only 30 minutes allows for clients to healthier alternative to the coffee bar experience.

                                                         use cutting edge science to get elevated metabolic response 	 All training sessions can be scheduled at or

                                                         for several hours after the training, all while making it you can call (772) 932-8419 for more information. FLX

                                                         possible to achieve a more consistent workout regime that encourages you to reserve a training session to experience it

                        Symphony Newsfits into a busy lifestyle.                                                     first-hand as your first session is always free.

2018 Summer Strings                                      privately, plays in various chamber groups, and also with   sessions, but may not be able to attend all sessions
                                                         the Lee Oskar & Friends Blues Orchestra. Robbins came       and will need to notify Robbins of the dates students
Program For Treasure Coast                               to Jensen Beach in 1950.                                    will be present. Registration is available at tcys@
                                                         	 Students interested in music programs will audition in
Youth Symphony                                           various performances on July 16, 23 and 30, plus August     	 In addition, students working on audition programs
                                                         6 and 13. The rehearsal programs are 6 to 8 p.m. at the     will eventually follow up on The Summer Strings Program
	 It’s that time of year when the Treasure Coast         Grace Presbyterian Church at 1375 N.W. Britt Road.          as a project of the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony. There
Youth Symphony supports local student musicians          	 Robbins offers palliative music to the Treasure Coast     is no charge for this program and performers do not have
for intermediate and advanced string players for high    and is certified in clinical music for dementia patients.   to be a member of the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony.
school and middle school programs. This is the 30th      She is currently free-lancing, playing cello in orchestra,  	 Treasure Coast Youth Symphony conductors are: string
year celebrating performances from classical to popular  opera and ballet companies in Florida. She has been a       audition, Dr. John Enyart; wind audition and percussion
Beatles music and more. Students entering the music      nominee for the Martin County Arts Council mARTies          audition, Thomas Servinsky; and local conductor,
audition program are asked to expand and enhance         Award and is a three-year recipient of grants awarded by    Benjamin Enyart. The Treasure Coast Youth Symphony
technical and artistic skills.                           the Women Supporting the Arts organization. Robbins         is composed of the most talented young musicians
	 The Summer Strings Program Director Jackie Robbins     coaches and teaches individual and group cellists at        selected by annual audition from Indian River, St. Lucie,
is an accomplished free-lance cellist, who has had a     various sites for studying the music and is an active       Martin, and northern Palm Beach counties in Florida. The
diverse musical career, ranging from Oberlin College     mentor for the Treasure Coast Youth Symphony.               orchestra performs standard and classical literature, as
to the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. She teaches cello    	 Students are encouraged to register for all audition      well as modern transcriptions of Broadway scores.
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