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VOL. 26 NO. 7                                                                               JULY 2018

If You See Something, Say Something

By Justin Mocha, Director of Security                            patrol to discontinue their route and access on foot.             persons, or vehicles on property. The chances of productive
                                                                 	 The key to managing this challenge is to make our               resolution to calls of this nature fall precipitously the more
	 Boca Pointe’s sprawling, 1,000+ acre property presents         security operation a collaborative effort. In addition to our     time that elapses. Do not hesitate to report your concerns.
unique challenges to our security operation.                     patrol and gate officers, we have thousands of pairs of eyes      	 Even in the event that a suspicious activity concludes
	 Case in point: our two roving patrols spend 95%+ of            on Boca Pointe property at any given moment. We rely on           before patrol arrives—a report is generated for every call, and
their time actively ‘on the road’ within the community.          our residents, guests, and even vendors to report any and         we use report location and type frequencies to target patrol
Administrative tasks and other ‘downtime’ are kept to a          all suspicious activity that is witnessed or suspected within     routes on problem areas. Your call will add to this data and
minimum. Despite this time management, patrols are lucky         our borders. As the saying goes: if you see something, say        allow us to make our patrols more effective.
if they are both able to get into every subdivision once per     something.                                                        	 Lastly, feel free to contact me directly at the BPCA office
shift.                                                           	 Access Control (561-395-3392) is available 24/7 to              with any concern that is not resolved to your satisfaction
	 On top of this challenge, much of Boca Pointe’s property       receive your call, and patrol is rarely more than five minutes    by our security team. We are interested in making active
lacks line of sight from our roads. Lakes, most of the Golf      away. Patrol is instructed to respond to any resident concern,    improvements to our services, and feedback of any kind is
Course, backyards, canals, etc. are all locations which require  with high priority given to calls regarding suspicious activity,  always helpful. 

National Cancer Survivors Day – Run For The Ribbons

By Gail Haberman                                                 was built on the principle that the best cancer care requires     families and caregivers and those still fighting painted
                                                                 united, single-minded efforts of physicians, staff, patients      a representation of their feelings and/or thoughts on the
  Sunday, June                                                   and their families. The League of Ribbons was created             tiles. These tiles are then fired and hung on the first floor
3rd, 2018 began as                                               in June 2012 as a force to bring together the talent, heart       walls of Lynn Cancer Institute. There was also an area to
a spectacular sunny                                              and dedication of people who want to support the Lynn             write a thought on a piece of colorful paper which was
day. The RUN FOR                                                 Cancer Institute and its mission to be united in purpose          then folded by a volunteer into an origami and hung on
THE RIBBONS 7th                                                  and to stand empowered against cancer.”                           a tree.
ANNUAL 5K AND                                                      “The League of Ribbons funds many different programs              Lynn Cancer Institute provides cutting edge therapies
ONE-MILE RUN/                                                    including, but not limited to, providing gift cards for           and clinical trials giving patients the options to the latest
WA L K b e g a n a t 7                                           groceries and gas, health and wellness programs for               treatments available.
a.m. at the Eugene                                               patients and the community-at-large and guided imagery,           	 Lynn Cancer Institute supports and provides care for
M. and Christine E.                                              yoga, onco-acupuncture and massage therapy for cancer             our community, close at hand, with excellent doctors,
Lynn Cancer Institute,                                           patients in treatment.”                                           nurses and complete medical staff – One Team – One
Harvey & Phyllis                                                   As a precursor to Survivor Day/Run for The Ribbons,             Mission. 
Sandler Pavilion. The                                            the Center for Hematology
run takes runners/                                               Oncology (CHO) had a
walkers through Boca Raton’s magnificent Old Floresta            fundraiser and sold 70
neighborhood. A record number of 960 participants                Swarovski beaded bracelets
registered for the event.                                        with hanging charms
  It is truly amazing that so many people came out in            representing nine different
support of the programs and the patients that the Lynn           cancers. The bracelets
Cancer Institute’s League of Ribbons helps in the fight          were designed by myself
against cancer.                                                  and made by twelve CHO
  “The Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute          supervisors, physician’s
                                                                 assistants, nurses, and
                                                                 employees. We were
                                                                 graciously supported by
                                                                 the CHO doctors. A sizable
                                                                 dollar amount was seen
                                                                 from this fundraiser.
                                                                 	 Following the Run for
                                                                 the Ribbons, a Brunch and
                                                                 Tile Painting event took
                                                                 place in front of the Sandler
                                                                 Pavilion. Ceramic tiles were
                                                                 provided with paints and
                                                                 brushes and survivors, their
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