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The American Cancer Society And Colorectal Cancer Screening

By Steven E. Reznick,                                                          be due to lifestyle issues including tobacco and alcohol            	 As a practicing physician these are sensible guidelines.
M.D., FACP                                                                     usage, obesity, ingestion of processed meats and poorer             The CT virtual colonoscopy involves a large X irradiation
	 Colorectal cancer is the                                                     sleep habits.                                                       exposure and necessitates a pre-procedure prep. Cologuard
fourth most common cancer                                                      	 To combat this increase, the American Cancer Society              and DNA testing misses few malignancies but has shown
with 140,000 diagnoses                                                         has changed its recommendations on screening suggesting             many false positives necessitating a colonoscopy. Both
in the nation annually. It                                                     that at age 45 we give patients the option of:                      CT virtual colonoscopy and Cologuard may not be
causes 50,000 deaths per                                                       	 • Fecal immunochemical test yearly                                covered by your insurer, and they are expensive, so
year and is the number                                                         	 • Fecal occult blood high sensitivity guaiac based                consider the cost in your choice of screening.
two cause of death due to                                                      yearly                                                              	 I still believe flexible sigmoidoscopy must be
cancer.                                                                        	 • Stool DNA test (e.g., Cologuard) every three years              combined with the fecal occult blood high sensitivity
	 Colorectal cancer                                                            	 • CT Scan virtual colonoscopy every five years                    testing and prepping. Looking at only part of the colon
screening guidelines have                                                      	 • Flexible sigmoidoscopy every five years                         makes little sense to me in screening.
called for digital rectal examinations beginning at age 40                     	 • Colonoscopy every 10 years.                                     	 Colonoscopy is still the gold standard for detecting
and colonoscopies at age 50 in low risk individuals. An                        	 Their position paper points out that people of color,             colorectal cancer.
aggressive public awareness campaign has resulted in a                         American Indians and Alaskan natives have a higher                  	 Board Certified in internal medicine, with added
marked decrease in deaths from this disease in men and                         incidence of colon cancer and mortality than other                  qualifications in geriatrics, Dr. Reznick has practiced
women over age 65.                                                             populations. Therefore, these groups should be screened             in Boca Raton since 1979. For information about
	 The same cannot be said for men and women younger                            more diligently. They additionally note that they                   his concierge medicine practice, or to schedule a
than 55 years old where there is an increased incidence                        discourage screening in adults over the age of 85 years             complimentary meeting with Dr. Reznick, call (561) 368-
of colorectal cancer by 51 percent with an increased                           old. This decision should be individualized based on the            0191 or visit
mortality of 11 percent. Experts believe the increase may                      patient’s health and expected independent longevity.

Cosmetic Dermatology’s Newest Innovations

By Robyn Siperstein, M.D.                                                      be seen. During Siperstein’s cosmetic injections, this device       where hair is thin (not completely bald) are the best places to
	 According to Dr. Robyn Siperstein, founder of a large                        helps her to see and avoid larger veins, thereby minimizing         use it. After monthly PRP treatments, a majority of patients
dermatology practice that focuses on delivering the highest                    the potential for bruising. While the use of this device and a      noticed increases in both the quality of hair and volume.
level of patient care with offices in Boca Raton and Boynton                   cannula significantly decreases the likelihood of bruising, it      Additionally, PRP is used in laser resurfacing and micro-
Beach, Fla., there have been several new and exciting                          cannot always be eliminated entirely. In light of this, Siperstein  needling procedures to decrease downtime and enhance
innovations in the field of cosmetic dermatology.                              also offers complimentary IPL treatments one to two days            results. The growth factors and collagen induction speed the
	 One of those innovations is the AccuVein device which                        after the procedure if patients do experience bruising, which       healing process and create a youthful glow from increased
uses an invisible infrared laser to detect blood vessels. This                 eliminates most of the bruising within 24 to 48 hours.              collagen production.
device allows doctors to personalize treatments to the patient’s
anatomy by providing vein visibility. Not only does this
increase patient safety, but it also decreases downtime by
providing a roadmap of the blood vessels that cannot usually

                                                                               	 Another new innovation is a treatment called “PRP” or             	 If you have any further questions or would like to learn
                                                                               platelet rich plasma. Blood contains many different parts,          more about either of these procedures, Siperstein Dermatology
                                                                               such as white blood cells (that fight infection), red blood         Group offers complimentary cosmetic consultations.
                                                                               cells (that carry oxygen) and platelets (that help with blood       About The Author
                                                                               clotting). PRP contains a higher concentration of platelets,        	 Dr. Robyn Siperstein is a graduate of Yale University and
                                                                               which have a variety of growth factors. These have many             Yale University School of Medicine. She has dermatology
                                                                               medical applications such as wound healing, along with the          offices in both Boynton Beach and Boca Raton. Feel free to
                                                                               newest advancements in the dermatology field for both hair          schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation in her office
                                                                               loss and skin rejuvenation. PRP is created by taking a patient’s    and call with any further questions, (561) 364-7774.
                                                                               own blood (utilizing the AccuVein device described above),
                                                                               and placing it in a centrifuge for 10 minutes in a special test
                                                                               tube which allows the enriched platelets to separate out. Since
                                                                               PRP is concentrated from a patient’s own blood, it is extremely
                                                                               safe, with very few side effects.
                                                                               	 PRP is used for thinning hair in men and women. Areas

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