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Sunday , August , 02 2015
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Featured Story

Touchdown At The Pine School

By Tina K. VaLant

Russell WilsonRussell Wilson is a regular guy. Borne in Cincinnati, Ohio, he is the middle of three children. An average student growing up in Richmond, Va., he loved sports. Like a lot of middle-school boys, trouble seemed to follow him. Russell knew the principal’s office well – visiting daily. “But I never got suspended,” he proclaims. One day, after his favorite period (recess), he was pulled aside by a teacher. They had a conversation that he credits to changing the course of his life. He was asked, “What are you going to do with your life, Russell? You can’t continue like this.”

Russell practiced self-discipline and began focusing on his future. He loved sports, so he rose before sunrise and practiced fielding ground balls and playing catch before school, with his
dad. He started claiming a seat in the front row of class and participating.  By asking questions, and getting help when he didn’t understand, he became a better student.  Surrounding himself with positive people, he visualized what he wanted his life to look like. He unknowingly, at the time, formulated his “what, how and why.”

Every time someone told Russell, “No,” said something negative like, “You’re not tall enough to play football,” or “You’ll never quarterback,” he wrote an affirmation. Sticky notes decorated his walls. He paid attention to those – fueling his drive, motivating him to succeed. He proceeded to college, playing sports at North Carolina State University, and later at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He kept the promise he made to his dad, to finish in three years.

His determination and hard work paid off. Russell Wilson isn’t such an ordinary guy, after all. “I am one of 32 men in the world that get to do what I do; what I love to do,” he said. Originally drafted by the Colorado Rockies, he currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks. On Feb. 2, 2014 quarterback Russell Wilson led the Seahawks to a 43-8 Super Bowl win against the Denver Broncos, in New Jersey. It was the first Super Bowl win for Seattle.

Five years ago, Russell met Katie Rodgers, his agent’s school-aged daughter. She was starring in Annie. “Her talent and voice blew me away. I had tears in my eyes, watching her on stage,” he stated. After his Super Bowl win in February of 2014, Katie wrote Russell a heartfelt letter, asking him to be the commencement speaker at her graduation ceremony. It paid off. She got to introduce him Saturday, May 30 to the crowd of 750 at The Pine School.

“Most of you know Russell Wilson as the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, a Super Bowl champion, a superstar. Russell has won more games in his first three seasons than any quarterback in the history of the game. He is just 26 years old, and already considered one of the very best players in the league,” informed young Rodgers, one of the graduates.  Read more...
Spotlight Story

A Sparkling Celebration For Supporters Of Jupiter Medical Center

Foundation’s 39th Annual Ball – What Happens In Vegas – Includes Two Major Announcements

The Foundation’s Annual Ball – “What Happens In Vegas” – took its final roll of the dice on April 28 at the exclusive Trump National Jupiter where Ball sponsors and supporters alike celebrated their journey to our local version of this internationally renowned, major American resort city for the benefit of Jupiter Medical Center. To begin the program, President and CEO John D. Couris introduced the foundation’s new President Liv Vesely, who, along with Ball Chairs Mimi and Jefferson Vaughan, M.D., welcomed more than 100 guests to the exclusive club to toast the success of the 2015 Ball.

Special recognition was given to Trump National Jupiter and Knight Corporations, for underwriting the lively reception. Vesely acknowledged former Ball Chairs Jennifer and Dr. Monroe Benaim, Lyn Ianuzzi, Michael Lampos and Roseanne and Dennis Williams who were in attendance and contributed to the time-honored Ball.

 Chair Mimi Vaughan thanked this distinguished group for their support and involvement in making the 2015 Ball another outstanding event. She recognized the committee members for all their tireless work and enthusiasm in bringing Las Vegas to Jupiter. They included: Andrea Albertini, Erinn Campbell, Randie Dalia, Joannie Danielides, Tesa Dytrych, Kim Hagan, Lyn Ianuzzi, Marilyn LaBonte, Gene Monahan, Suzanne Niedland, Camille Noble, Cari Rentas, Kathy Rold, Suze Scialla, Rebecca Seelig, Lynn ...more...
Carole Anne Vaughan, Dr. Jefferson Vaughan, Mim Vaughan
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Here is the latest edition of the Palm City Vue.

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